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Company “Injac” opened its doors in 1977. At that point, market needed products like frames for photographs and paintings, mouldings and other equipment, so Jovo Injac, founder and owner, has decided to make necessary stpes and answer its needs.


Ever since 1977, up until today, with tehnical inovations and following world trends, company “Injac” became leader in Balkan region, by size, assortment and quality of its products. As a result and a crown of hard work and investment, today, company exports goods in almost all of European countries.


This company is modern and ready to answer all new needs of customers, which is proven by building a new factory. It is located in suburb of Belgrade and covers 4000 m2. There, around 800 models of mouldings are beeing produced and transformed to frames. In those exact frames, today are photographs and paintings of various world and domestic artists, either in galleries or in private art collections.


We have formed cooperation, and, more important, friendship with all the main galleries in Belgrade and Serbia. That is the reason why you can associate the name “Injac” with a place where you can find a perfect frame for that piece of art you would like to decorate your space with.